ANEM Training Center began its operations on November 01, 2000. The Center was established with the aim to provide education for all electronic media staff. In the first phase of its operations, ANEM Training Center's business plan included basic courses in journalism, digital editing, marketing, sound engineering and use of computers. Such destination chosen was the result of the long lasting disregard for education of journalists and electronic media staff. Not much care was taken of the professional training of radio stations' staff, of the profile of the staff, or the latest trends in electronic media worldwide.

With donors' help, especially IREX, classrooms were set up for organizing all kinds of courses for electronic media staff, predominantly radio stations' staff.

After six months of work focusing on the basic courses, ANEM Training Center expanded its offer, and introduced the courses in investigative journalism, reporting on diversities, computer assisted reporting, course on how to make a good radio spot and a management course. During 2004, the Center initiated courses for radio presenters, and later this year and in the following year, new courses for TV journalists, camera operators and picture editing.

All staff of radio stations ANEM members firstly had to complete basic courses in journalism, before taking their education to higher levels.

Training Center is involved in the transition process of journalism in Serbia, especially when it comes to education of journalists. In that context, cooperation was established with Media centre and the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade - Journalism Department, with which an agreement was reached that the Training Center organizes courses for students of the Faculty, as a preparation for the work in the newsroom.

In accordance with the decision not to be an educational organization of a closed type, ANEM Training Center established cooperation with the state media as well and trained great number of participants coming from the state radio station.

ANEM Training Center participated in the work of the Summer School of Journalism in organization of IREX, which was held during the summer period in Kotor in continuation from 2000 to 2004.

From the outset, the organization of courses was supported by a great number of donor organizations from Europe and USA:

  • Austrian Government
  • European Union
  • Fund for an Open Society
  • IREX ProMedia
  • MDLF
  • Medienhilfe
  • Norwegian People's Aid
  • OSCE
  • Press Now
  • Council of Europe
  • Swedish Helsinki Committee

The Center also established cooperation with:

  • European Center for Journalism in Electronic media, Belgrade
  • Media Center
  • Independent Association of Serbian Journalists, Belgrade
  • Faculty of Political Science - Department of Journalism, University of Belgrade
  • Thompson Foundation, London
  • Media Diversity Institute, London
  • European Media Institute, Dusseldorf
  • Media Development Loan Fund (MDLF), Prague
  • South Eastern European Network for Professionalisation of Media (SEENPM), Budapest


Investigative Journalism

Television Newsroom Management Workshop

Media Branding and Selling Media Brand

Course for TV Journalists

Course for Radio Presenters

Courses in radio journalism

Course for technicians

Course in digital editing

Basic course in computers

Courses in marketing


Report On Work Of ANEM Training Center July 2002 – October 2003

Report On Work Of ANEM Radio Production – June 2002 – October 2003

Report On Work Of ANEM Training Center – January 2001 – June 2002

Report On Work Of ANEM Radio Production - January 2001 – June 2002

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