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20. 06. 2012


ANEM is proud to announce that Jelena Terzin, journalist of RTV VK from Kikinda - ANEM member station - has won the third place among 179 received productions in TV and radio category at the PROFEST independent film festival of the 12 countries in the Danube Region. The journalist has been awarded for her radio program "Modzo Club from Senta", recorded as part of ANEM radio series "Connecting". The international jury has awarded the journalist with the third place for the radio feature about the jazz-blues-rock club "Modzo" in Senta, a club that has been gathering people of different ethnic background for more than two decades. With this award, this journalist from ANEM members station has become the only awarded journalist from Serbia in the radio category. The radio feature on Modzo club from Senta can be heard here.

All radio and TV programs of the series "Connecting" may be found on ANEM web portal "Bolja Srbija" (Better Serbia). The production of TV programs and post-production of radio programs was carried out for ANEM by the team of selected production company "A-media", with supervision and mentorship of the engaged production team. The editor of radio and TV series is Jugoslava Siroka, while the mentor to radio journalists is Mitko Jakovlevski.

We also remind you that visitors to the portal "Bolja Srbija" voted for the best story of the series, first by choosing the best out of 4 nominated programs of the radio series with the highest percentage of votes, and then the best TV program, out of 4 selected with the highest percentage of votes.

The results of the visitors' votes have shown the following:

Regarding the best program of the radio series, after two cycles of voting, out of 4 radio features (Vlach Tradition, Choire "Neven", Mixed Marriage and Roma in Parents' School Councils), two were selected as the best - Vlach Tradition (the story about the Vlach customs and tradition in the village of Laznica, accepted and practiced by non-Vlach villagers) and the program Mixed Marriage (the story about the Serb-Croat family from Golubinci, the village where most inhabitants marry without giving much attention to their ethnic origins).

TV program from Novi Pazar was selected as the best story of the TV series "Connecting" by portal's visitors. It is a story about two women from Novi Pazar that talk about their choice to wear hijab, while their friends of Serbian origin reflect on the reasons for having them as their dear friends. Three other stories were also in the race for the best story of the series were Language of Belo Blato, Business Cooperation and Roma Artists. These 4 programs had the highest percentage of votes after two voting cycles, out of which the best story of TV series was selected.

We invite you to visit our web portal "Bolja Srbija" and watch and hear the best episodes of radio series and the best TV program of the TV series "Connecting" and see for yourself why they have been chosen. We remind you that you can find the programs on ANEM YouTube channel as well.

This project is financially supported by the European Union through the project "Support to Civil Society", managed by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia and implemented by GOPA Consultants.

The contents of this text are the sole responsibility of ANEM and can in no way be taken to reflect the views and stands of the European Union.

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