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24. 03. 2014

ANEM's TV and Radio Series ’Illustrated Glossary of Corruption’ Launched

ANEM's radio and TV series 'Illustrated Glossary of Corruption' is the key activity of the project with the same title, implemented in partnership with the Anti-Corruption Agency and with the financial support of the EU.


The series is broadcast as of today, 24 March 2014, on 25 TV stations and 40 radio stations - members of the ANEM network throughout Serbia.

Using local stories/cases, filmed in 16 towns throught Serbia and in Belgrade, as illustrations, with expert explanations understandable to the broad public, the radio and TV series explain chosen key terms related to corruption, its prevention and the fight against corruption.

The radio and TV series consist of 21 episodes each. Each of 20 episodes is devoted to one key term, while the last episode provides a general overview of the state of corruption and the fight against it in Serbia.

Starting today, the episodes will be broadcast every work day during 4 weeks, and the last episode will be broadcast in the 5th week, towards the end of April 2014.

After premier broadcast on the ANEM stations, first five radio and TV episodes will be available as of next week on the ANEM webiste in the section 'Illustrated Glossary od Corruption' and on the ANEM YouTube channel. Every following week another five episodes of the series will be uploaded.

20 terms analyzed in individual episodes of the series can be roughly divided into three categories. The first category contains terms that citizens recognize well, the terms that have been present in the public discourse and life and for some time, such as - 'bribery', 'conflict of interest', 'nepotism', 'accumulation of functions'.

The second category contains insufficiently known, yet very important terms. Thefore, their educative aspect and the explanation of their anti-corruption potential are very important. Such terms are, for instance, 'meaningful expenditure of public funds', 'transparency in the work of public authorities', 'public debate', 'whistleblower' and 'complaint'.

Finally, the chosen terms open issues that are very rarely heard in the public and in the media, while they are of extreme importance, so it is important to motivate citizens, the media, public bodies and organizations to insist on them. These are the issues such as 'oversight and control of budget expenditures', 'accountability of public officials and institutions', introduction of the criminal offence of 'illicit enrichment', or 'institutional integrity'.

The episodes dealing with chosen terms were filmed in the following cities: 'Perception of Corruption' (Bujanovac), 'Bribery' (Požarevac), 'Trading in Influence' (Čačak), 'Complaint' (Užice), 'Oversight and Control of Budget Expenditures' (Požarevac), 'Nepotism and Cronyism' (Niš), ' Transparency in the Work of Public Authorities' (Sremska Mitrovica), 'Public Debate' (Subotica), 'Public Officials' Property Cards' (Novi Sad), 'Accumulation of Functions' (Kikinda), 'Conflict of Interest' (Pirot), 'Pantouflage (fr.) (Niš), 'Gift' (Jagodina), 'Misuse of Public Resources' (Niš), 'Whistleblower' (Bojnik), 'Accountability of Public Officials and Institutions' (Valjevo), 'Abuse of Discretionary Powers' (Knjaževac), 'Meaningful Expenditure of Public Funds' (Mionica), 'Illicit Enrichment' (Belgrade), 'Institutional Integrity' (Smederevo). 

Television series 'Illustrated Glossary of Corruption' is broadcast by 25 ANEM stations: 

B92 Info; RTV Prima, Bajina Bašta; RTV Pančevo; RTV Trstenik; RTV Opštine Kovačica; RTV VK, Kikinda; TV Leskovac; TV Pirot; TV Kladovo; TV Panonija, Novi Sad; RTV Mlava, Petrovac na Mlavi; RTVCaribrod, Dimitovgrad; RTV Santos, Zrenjanin; RTV Majdanpek; RTV Inđija; TV Smederevo; TV Pannon, Subotica; RTV YuEco, Subotica; TV Požega; RTV Kruševac; TV Kanal 9, Novi Sad; RTV Šumadija, Aranđelovac; RTV Timočka (Best), Zaječar; TV Ćuprija; RTV Sokobanja. 
Radio series 'Illustrated Glossary of Corruption' is broadcast by the following 40 ANEM stations:Radio Boom 93, Požarevac; Radio BUS, Kovin; RTV Trstenik; Radio 021, Novi Sad; Ivanjički radio; Plus Radio 010, Pirot; Radio City, Niš; RTV Kovačica; Radio Bela Palanka; RTV VK, Kikinda; Radio FAR, Alibunar; Radio Paraćin; Radio Užice; Radio Požega; RTV Pančevo; Radio Ozon, Čačak; RTV Inđija; Radio Srbobran; RTV Mlava, Petrovac na Mlavi; RTV Caribrod, Dimitrovgrad; Radio M, Knjaževac; Radio Ozon, Sremska Mitrovica; EMA Radio, Bujanovac; RTV Prima, Bajina Bašta; RTV Santos, Zrenjanin; Radio Bemin Mjuzikl 93, Arilje; RTV Majdanpek; RTV YuEco, Subotica; Radio Patak, Valjevo; Radio Odžaci; RTV Kruševac; Radio Stara Pazova; Radio Leskovac; RTV Šumadija, Aranđelovac; RTV Best, Zaječar; Radio OK, Vranje; Radio Luna, Užice; Radio Han, Vladičin Han; Radio Čačak; RTV Sokobanja.
17 journalists worked on the project - 14 from the ANEM local and regional media, one journalist from RTV B92, and 2 journalists - trainers of local journalists  who are also the authors and editors of the series.
The main goal of the project 'Illustrated Glossary of Corruption' is to contribute to a more efficient prevention and fight against corruption by a more active involvement of citizens and the media in the process. Contributing to raising awareness and knowledge about corruption, its forms, and mechanisms for its prevention and fight against it, ANEM attempts with this project to help citizens better recognize corruption cases in their local communities and to encourage them to participate in anti-corruption activism.


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ANEM's Project "Illustrated Glossary of Corruption" is financed by the European Union within the Civil Society Facility Programme.



The contents of this text are the sole responsibility of ANEM and can in no way be taken to reflect the views and stands of the European Union.

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