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20. 05. 2014

Episode of „Illustrated Glossary of Corruption“ screened to journalists for educational purposes

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An episode of the ANEM TV series „Illustrated Glossary of Corruption" was screened for educational purposes at a journalism training within the scope of the project „Agrarkor", which Radio Television of Vojvodina implements in cooperation with the Novi Sad Journalism School, financed by the EU. The main goal of the project is contribution to strengthening the rule of law through combating corruption in the agricultural sector.

14 journalists of Radio Television of Vojvodina and journalism students from the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad who participate in the project attended the training „Journalistic Genres", the last one within the project, held on 16 and 17 May 2014, at which the episode of the ANEM series was screened.

The ANEM TV episode screened at the training rounds up the series „Illustrated Glossary of Corruption" and provides conclusions derived from previous episodes in respect to the widespread presence of corruption in Serbia, modes of preventing corruption and fighting it.

As the ANEM series deals with corruption-related issues, and the corruption is the main topic of the project „Agrarkor", the organizers thought it useful that journalists and students - project participants get acquainted with the work of their colleagues and with the topic of corruption by watching the ANEM TV episode.

„Our journalists and students will benefit from getting acquainted with the „Illustrated Glossary of Corruption" in the further implementation of the „Agrarkor" project", said Miroslava Vukadinović, project coordinator with the Radio Television of Vojvodina, and pointed out that all the training participants were informed that all the episodes of the ANEM series are available online.

Specific goals of the project „Agrarkor" are: strengthening the capacities of journalists and journalism students in the fight against corruption through the research of individual examples, production of media content and broadcasting it on radio, TV and on the multimedia web portal of the Radio Television of Vojvodina, as well as raising public awareness on the high level of corruption in the agriculture sector, which is underrepresented in the media and there is a lack of general knowledge about it, by producing and broadcasting 100 media packages, programs and online articles.

Series „Illustrated Glossary of Corruption" is the most important activity of the project with the same title which ANEM implemented in partnership with the Anti-Corruption Agency, with financial support of the EU. 40 radio stations and 25 TV stations - members of ANEM network across Serbia - broadcasted 21 radio and 21 TV episodes of the series, which cover, using examples, key concepts related to corruption, prevention of corruption and the fight against it. The episodes are available on the ANEM website and and its YouTube channel.

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ANEM's Project "Illustrated Glossary of Corruption" is financed by the European Union within the Civil Society Facility Programme.



The contents of this text are the sole responsibility of ANEM and can in no way be taken to reflect the views and stands of the European Union. 

  • Photo: RT Vojvodina

  • PHOTO: RT Vojvodina

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