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10. 09. 2008

Project "POWER MAD"

ANEM, in cooperation with the production company "A-Media" and ANEM's local television stations, announces the launch of the TV series "Power Mad - How to Be a Responsible Politician?".

The difference between power and abuse of power, between rights and obligations, is often blurred in the political life. Advancement of democratic reforms can be achieved only with reliable public figures and under the watchful eye of the public. In the 20-part TV series, journalists from local TV stations in Serbia will try to raise the public awareness about the behaviour of politicians and their (un)accountability towards citizens.

Having in mind that politicians are unwilling to expose themselves to public scrutiny, that they lack transparency and disregard all criticism, ANEM's project aims to put the spotlight on behaviour of unscrupulous politicians and other officials. One of the highlights of the series will be the enforcement of the Law on Access to Information of Public Importance and preparedness of the government to publicly expose certain information, as well as the enforcement of the Law on Conflict of Interest and practical application of the Code of Conduct for Local Self-Government Officials.

The series aims to contribute to media's self-confidence and their efforts in the area of investigative journalism, as well as to stimulate them to raise various issues in the name of the public. Additionally, the project will increase the quality of content broadcast on local TV stations, the creativity of journalists and the investigative-analytical approach to topics.

Each of the episodes will present attitudes and opinions of representatives of municipal governments, citizens and experts for some of the relevant areas:

  • Respect for the rule of law and primacy of public over private interest
  • Transparency in work
  • Conflict of interest, abuse of power for personal gain, corruption
  • Conscience, honesty, objectivity and decency.

The TV series will launch in autumn 2008. Episodes will be aired once a week on ANEM's TV stations in all parts of Serbia during the five months of project's duration.

The realization of the project is made possible by the support from the Norwegian People's Aid.

Power Mad
Power Mad

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