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28. 10. 2010








A-media, in cooperation with ANEM, is intensively preparing "Step by Step" -the series of TV magazines  that deal with Serbia's "taking steps" toward the European Union. On that road, Serbia is moving faster in one moment, slower in the next. Either way, the changes are just around the corner, in our cities, towns and municipalities, and examples of such changes are the substance of these magazines. Each of 24 TV magazines, planned to be produced in the series, will contain 3 stories from three different places in the country, connected with one mutual topic. The production of the series envisages the recordings in app. 20 towns in all parts of Serbia.The topics to be dealt with in the series are selected from the areas recognized to be of the utmost interest to the citizens and in which they could easily recognize positive changes:

- employment and protection at work

- social protection and fighting poverty

- health care

- environmental protection

- consumer protection

- legal protection, protection of individuals and protection from discrimination

- reform and strengthening of local self-government and behavior of local officials

- regional development and cross-border cooperation

The series of TV magazines about the examples of positive changes in Serbia that directly make the citizens' lives better,  with a clear liaison between these changes and the application of the European standards, will help citizens to easily perceive what does «the European way of Serbia» specifically means for them - not an opportunity to leave the country and go to any of the EU states where living is generally better, but primarily the possibility to improve their lives in their home country.

The series of TV magazines will be broadcast during the period of six months, from December 2010 until May 2011, one magazine a week, on ANEM TV stations across Serbia.

More details on the first 4 magazines to be broadcast in December on ANEM TV stations, available here soon!






This series is financially supported by the European Union through the European Integration Media fund, managed by the Delegation of the EU to the Republic of Serbia and implemented by the BBC World Service Trust. Program content is solely the responsibility of A-media and it does not represent the views and stands of the European Union.

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