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08. 03. 2015

Regional association as way to fight anti-cyber crime

8.3.2015. (Tanjug) - BELGRADE - Internet, or, computer crime, is becoming an increasing threat to companies and the economy, and we need better cooperation and networking in the region to deal with it more efficiently, said participants in a regional conference dubbed Corporate Security and Cyber Crime, held in Belgrade.

Dragan Trivan, president of the Serbian Association of Corporate Security Managers, believes that exchange of experiences was crucial and that we should arrange for corporate security experts from other countries to visit the region of Southeast Europe.

"There is a need to develop an awareness of the importance of this type of security in Serbia, because the majority of companies do not have internal organizational units for corporate security operations," a Friday's release from the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce quoted Trivan as saying.

Trivan said Serbia had adopted its law on private security in 2013, but no bylaws so far, which was an impediment to implementing more efficient security systems on the ground.

Very little investments have been made to incorporate such systems, he added.

He cited the results of an earlier poll that showed 97 percent of respondents believing that the main problem in Serbia's corporate security sector is absence of relevant legislation, 88.24 percent pinning the blame on the bad economic situation and 76.4 percent thinking that the main problem is a lack of awareness of the importance of corporate security.

According to Europol data, cyber crime causes a global damage of around EUR 290 billion to citizens, institutions, governments, cities and states, more money than the total global trade in heroin, cocaine and marijuana, said Alen Ostojic, president of the Croatian Association of Security Managers.

There is no data to show how far the governments in southeastern Europe are involved in dealing with the problem, but it is extremely important that we work through all forms of public-private partnerships, said Ostojic.

He pointed out that the number of perpetrations of this type of crime was still larger than the number of perpetrators found, and recommended that that companies should become more open when it came to speaking about cyber security attacks.

Many companies remain silent about hacking attacks because they think that their reputation might be damaged if they go public about it, but it is really necessary to do the very opposite and to follow the trends and develop new models of protection, he said.

The conference was organized by the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, Serbian Association of Corporate Security Managers, Southeast Europe Corporate Security Association (SECSA) and the Security Academy (Poslovno uciliste Integralna Sigurnost i Razvoj) in Zagreb.

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